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Carbon Dioxide Management in Confined Atmospheres

CO2 Scrubbers Following Last week’s excerpt from the training and ops manual on carbon dioxide, we round that off with an excerpt from the chapter covering support and allied equipment. Specifically, CO2 scrubbers, or sinks as they are also known. Gas management is the name of the game in all things diving and hyperbaric. Operators and supervisors must have a

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Physics, John Dalton and The Cumbrian Connection

Having now come to almost the end of the seasonal commitments in the community, it seemed time to pop up with a final post or two before we shut down for the holiday season. While we continue to fundraise, or otherwise source a chamber for use in the community, know that much behind the scenes work is continuing. Today, an

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Diving Physics, The Training & Operations Manual, FIFO Services and … Pantomime?

So we’ve been a little quiet on the writing front lately owing to seasonal commitments in the community. Many who know us know that we have a solid track record of community involvement, especially around Christmas and the holidays when it’s pantomime time. This year is no different and the work involved can be significant. It promises to be a

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