Hello & Welcome To Cumbria Hyperbaric

Mission Statement:

To provide a facility, available to multi-disciplinary complementary therapists in Cumbria at charitable rates, for the health and welfare benefit of the public. Spearheaded by a comprehensive Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy facility as flagship, we hope to provide premises and facilities not only for our own hyperbaric services, but also for other complementary therapists to operate at rates commensurate with charitable pricing structures, thus making available affordable complementary and adjunctive therapies not currently funded by the N.H.S. and ordinarily very costly in the private sector. Therapies shown to greatly improve quality of life and management of chronic conditions to the benefit of sufferers and their families and support networks.

Available soon in Cumbria!

Currently in the setup phase, Cumbria Hyperbaric hopes to become a leading community provider of complementary therapy services led by a comprehensive hyperbaric oxygen therapy service (HBOT).

Fundraising has now launched on GoFundMe on the link below. Corporate donors and potential investors are welcome to contact us directly to discuss donation mechanisms and what protections can be in placed to manage these.

Watch this space!!!