Hello & Welcome To Cumbria Hyperbaric

Hello… and welcome.

If its your first time here, it’s great to have you. The information on the site will hopefully provide insight and develop a reasonable knowledge base for you to make informed choices and decisions about any therapies you may be considering. Unfortunately mainstream medicine often isn’t aware of, or knowledgeable of, hyperbaric oxygen therapy also known as HBOT. They therefore inadvertently and consequentially are unable to advise patients adequately. If the past 18 months has taught us anything though, is that the general public have a good capacity for researching the actual science behind any given thing and seeking out the scientific literature. In fact, the last 18 months has lead to many having a far greater understanding and appreciation for the meaning of “scientific literature”. What it represents and how it is the main vehicle for getting the science of something into practice. Literature which you will find in abundance on this site and during any interaction with us.

If you’re in the HBOT business, there is also a wealth of technical and scientific data and information that can help you in your operations and endeavours. We now offer professional services to therapy centres, start-ups, diving operations, hyperbaric units and just about anyone needing help with the application of the science, mechanics, commissioning, compliance, planning and operations in the form of advice, consultation and development of management systems and materials for these businesses or individuals. We also offer training and development for existing staff who seek to advance their current working knowledge.

If you’ve visited before over the past 2 and a half years you will know that the website is a dynamic and evolving platform designed to primarily raise public awareness and bring about a more widespread awareness of the application and benefit of HBOT.

There is a good library of articles on the blog as well as pages across the top navigation bar. If you need any help navigating or need to be directed to a specific subject please do get in touch. We’re always happy to hear from visitors.

In this overhaul of the website I have removed all the fragmented updates that were here and summarised our last 2 and half years as best I can in a single paragraph:

Over the past 2 and a half years we have gone from zero to a substantial platform for information for both those offering and those seeking hyperbaric oxygen therapy. This platform has been accessed and well used from over 60 countries by numbers approaching 5 thousand people. For a small niche industry that’s good. That’s a result, and that’s an achievement. This is no small feat and we do not wish to remove the website as we had considered. this would be a waste of the efforts of recent years. This information is vital in spreading the word among the public and slowly not only bringing HBOT to Cumbria but in general, the mainstream of medicine. We have decided to end all fund raising platforms for now in light of the financial difficulties many people are experiencing following the pandemic. We are however seeking partners, investors, interested parties and expressions of interest in what we hope to do. We do still plan to bring HBOT to Cumbria by whatever means become available. This means still following mostly along the the original project timeline we have had all along. The end goal hasn’t changed. Just the route map to achieve it. This means diversifying and introducing services previously not really considered. The charity model seemed not to resonate but “nee bother” as we say north of The Lune. Regardless of what the Charity Commission think we don’t need their permission to be charitable as a private business and this remains our goal and mission statement as it has always been. Which is:

To provide a comprehensive Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy facility, thus making available affordable complementary and adjunctive therapy not currently funded by the NHS and ordinarily very costly in the private sector. Therapy shown to greatly improve quality of life and management of chronic conditions to the benefit of sufferers and their families and support networks.

We’ve simply added to that as a means to get where we want to go. More on that on the services page.

Onward and upward as they say.

Once again… welcome,


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