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Diving Physics, The Training & Operations Manual, FIFO Services and … Pantomime?

So we’ve been a little quiet on the writing front lately owing to seasonal commitments in the community. Many who know us know that we have a solid track record of community involvement, especially around Christmas and the holidays when it’s pantomime time. This year is no different and the work involved can be significant. It promises to be a

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Flying and Diving – A Sojourn Into Physics and Physiology

Departing a little from complimentary therapy applications today, we discuss diving and flying. Since hyperbaric technologies are in fact diving technologies, and diving accidents and illnesses are treated in hyperbaric chambers, it makes for an interesting sojourn. Remembering of course that in therapeutic treatments (diving or otherwise), we breathe pure oxygen and accordingly incur no decompression penalty. This discussion relates

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Space Tech and Hyperbaric Tech: Technological Cousins

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first steps taken on the moon by some phenomenal human beings, below is an excerpt from our overview. Hyperbaric chambers and space technology are, in almost every way the same technologies. Sealed environments with controllable and manageable environmental conditions common to both. In fact, as mentioned here, space craft and other vessels are

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