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Leading this initiative is Hayden Dunstan. Hayden is originally from Durban South Africa and he and his family have now been resident and an integral part of the Cumbrian community for over 10 years in a variety of community endeavours.

HBOT Commissioning Project 2019 Durban South Africa

A former “Michelin Level” executive chef he also has 25 years as a diver in one form or another under his (weight) belt. 20 of those years at professional level. Hayden has achieved a number of recreational, technical and commercial diver certifications including supervisor level for both hyperbaric and diving operations. He has considerable diving, supervision and instruction experience.

Over these 25 years, and following formal study which included health, physiology and microbiology, Hayden has continually developed his interest, passion and knowledge in the field of diving and hyperbaric medicine and therapy believing passionately that it should be made available to everyone who needs it with as little obstruction as possible, while doing it as practically and safely as possible.

Commercial Training 2003 Durban South Africa

Hayden is an advanced level commercial diver with multiple further technical and recreational diving qualifications as well as thousands of hours in water and surface supervision experience. His qualification are South African Department of Labour (SADOL) certifications and are recognised worldwide in the offshore and onshore diving community including: The Health and Safety Executive in the UK (HSE), Europe, The Australian Divers Accreditation Scheme (ADAS), in Australia and New Zealand, among multiple other countries including all countries and international geographical territories covered by The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA). He is a commercial diving and hyperbaric supervisor with hyperbaric chamber operator/ attendant and student diver training experience. These qualifications are recognised by educational institutions including the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA )in New Zealand, as comprising tertiary level physiology and physics.

Supervising and Training Students Early 2019 in Durban Harbour South Africa

Hayden’s working experience includes a good stretch with the Marine Biological Association in Durban as well as having built and run his own commercial diving company “SeaBourne Diving” also in Durban.

He can also lay claim to a number of years experience in recreational and technical diving in water leadership and boat handling in East Africa.

Another Lifetime – Dar es Salaam Circa 1998

Hayden is also experienced in the design and construction of pressurised air diving systems and maintenance of surface supplied breathing apparatus (SSBA), as well as Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (SCUBA) diving systems including gas panels, hyperbaric chambers for human occupancy, low pressure (LP) and high pressure (HP) compressors and oxygen generation and delivery systems. He also has the appropriate associated plant and allied equipment experience commensurate with the marine and diving industry including therapeutic (Rx) hyperbaric chamber operation.

Plant Diving Involving Leak Detection

His further multidisciplinary background includes extensive knowledge of events management and control, financial procedures such as budgeting, cost management, procurement, stock control as well as tax and law. With highly competent presentation skills, broad health & safety and security background, including compiling of operations and training manuals, and training staff and students in health and safety procedures, as well as a long history of community involvement in South Africa including security, safety and community policing he is well positioned to undertake this endeavour.

Hayden has persevered in recent years to raise awareness and to bring hyperbaric oxygen therapy to Cumbria for the benefit of the wider population as well as divers.

18 Seater Single Compartment Hyperbaric Chamber Scotland 2019

Hayden has a solid understanding of regulatory, legal requirements and compliance involved in this type of operation, as well as the regulations laws and standards governing the use of hyperbaric chambers in both the clinical and diving industries.

He comes well prepared and is happy to engage anyone, on any platform, whether medical, technical or indeed political on the subject. In the meantime he is busy preparing operations and training manuals for use in daily operations and professional services we now offer.

More details on what hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is, what it can do for the individual, what conditions it can benefit and more are available on the links and across the menu bar above.

We hope you’ll take the time to read the site, as well as the well referenced library of articles already up on the blog to become more familiar with the science and evidence supporting the use of HBOT. Along with general interest information on diving, altitude and so on, there is much to read.

Hayden’s CV is available to investors and donors on request and he is only too happy to discuss anything diving, HBOT or physics related. (Much to the distress of his family who are repeatedly subjected to it).

Once again, welcome to Cumbria Hyperbaric.

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