Project Timeline

Since the resumption of fund raising and the succesfull relationship that has developed with The Wellness Tree Group and Henshaw Hyperbarics, we have revised our goals in the hope of raising a lower amount for a 4 seater chamber capable of 2.4 atmospheres.

Following recent changes in our personal lives we have been able to begin construction on a 18 square meter building extension that would easily house the chamber and it’s allied equipment. Construction should be complete in December 2022.

This revised target will allow us to purchase a 4 seater luxury chamber which can handle treatments up to 2.4 ata. This, it is hoped, will be supplied by Henshaw Hyperbarics and will be 50% funded by myself.

Ultimately we still hope to pursue the original goal but for now we really need to get up and running to serve the community. The time line below was the original plan. The new plan us to simply install a 4 seater luxury chamber in line with the ones I currently work with and which can he seen on our Facebook page.

This remains the ultimate ultimate objective – A facility based in Cumbria.

At Cumbria Hyperbaric We have a clear vision and a clear trajectory to achieve it and get to where we want to be. Our targets are realistic and will allow trouble free operation at least for the start-up years. Assets such as hyperbaric chambers don’t come cheap with our desired chamber currently priced somewhere between £50 000 and £100 000. Half of which I shall personally fund.

We would like to be able to operate for at least 3 years from opening even if we turn over very little in the way of income. I will fund this. This will allow us a good amount of time to become established and a familiar part of the community. Our ultimate goal is to remain completely funded by the community and charge nothing for our service. We simply don’t wish to charge private rates which are exorbitant. We believe in affordable Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for all.

Accordingly our timeline has become rather simple. And we won’t be deterred from our original objective. We aimed to:

1) Set up an information resource available to anyone who wants it for free. Check.

2) Develop a blog section with ongoing addition of relevant articles and scientific evidence supporting the use of HBOT, even if not for our own purposes, then for the general information of those who may not be aware that there are alternative options available outside of mainstream healthcare. An awareness campaign for lack of a better description. This resource is free too. We don’t charge for articles and information. Check.

3) Set Up pathways by which we can fundraise. Namely GoFundMe. This will enable us to buy a hyperbaric chamber. It is our hope that people who find something useful on the site will leave a donation in exchange. Check.

4) Develop internal operations and training material to satisfy all current regulations and rules regarding the use of hyperbaric chambers. ongoing and now offered as a service.

5) Seek out hyperbaric chambers, either new or used, and connect with various suppliers and service companies with the required competencies and capabilities to assist us in our goals. We now have a number of very capable service providers available to us. Check. (We have begun and continue successful working relationships with manufacturers, importers and distributors in both Europe and the UK. These relationships will assist us greatly in acquisition of a chamber. )

6) Source appropriate premises to operate from. Currently we are seeking properties we could operate from, however we are most likely to operate from home in the initial months or even years once we open. In Progress. (Construction has begun and funded by myself)

7) Purchase a chamber and begin offering services to the community. We can only do this once we have achieved a minimum target of Circa £50 000. We also need to have enough funds to insure operations and cover business licensing and so on. In Progress.

Without doubt there will be many additional “in between tasks” to perform and ensure are done, but these are expected and well know in advance.

Watch this space as it evolves and we keep you updated.

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