YouTube AND Radio

We’re pleased to have recently been invited to interview on CandoFM 106.3FM, community radio for Barrow & Furness which was recorded on Monday 18 Jan and went out on the 21st at 10am and again at 7PM. Our thanks for the opportunity and we are looking forward to doing another soon. Since a good opportunity should never go to waste we want to use this as an opportunity to begin a video blog so to speak in addition to the written blog and articles. Sometimes short snippets don’t warrant a full article and video may be a great vehicle for this. We get questions from the public which can also be answered this way as well as a way of focusing the scientific information we share to topics people are specifically interested in learning more about. The first in this series will be a follow up to the CandoFM radio interview to further elaborate on the points raised there. watch this space as we continue to develop this space.

Steve Forster of CandoFM 106.3 FM interviews and Hayden Dunstan answering questions on HBOT and the goal of bringing this complimentary therapy to Cumbria.

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