Professional Services

Advisory, operational and subject matter specialist services.

Hayden is originally from Durban South Africa and he and his family have now been resident and an integral part of the Cumbrian community for over 10 years.

A former “Michelin Level” executive chef he also has 25 years experience as a diver in one form or another under his (weight) belt. 20 of those years at professional level. Hayden has achieved a number of recreational, technical and commercial diver certifications including supervisor level for both hyperbaric operations as well as diving operations. He has considerable diving, supervision and instruction experience.

Over these 25 years, and following formal study which included health, physiology and microbiology, Hayden has continually developed his interest, passion and knowledge in the field of diving and hyperbaric medicine

Hayden is an advanced level commercial diver with multiple further commercial, technical and recreational diving qualifications as well as thousands of hours in water and surface supervision experience. His qualifications are South African Department of Labour (SADOL) certifications and are recognised worldwide in the offshore and onshore diving community including: The Health and Safety Executive in the UK (HSE) and by extension Europe, The Australian Divers Accreditation Scheme (ADAS), in Australia and New Zealand, among multiple other countries including all countries and international geographical territories covered by The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) He is a commercial diving and hyperbaric supervisor with hyperbaric chamber operator/ attendant and student diver training experience. These qualifications are recognised by educational institutions including the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA )in New Zealand, as comprising tertiary level physiology and physics.

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Cumbria Hyperbaric is pleased to introduce professional services to the diving and hyperbaric industry as detailed below…

Services are invoiceable on an international, national and regional day or half day rate. Contact us for more details.

Diving and Hyperbaric Operations:

On an ad hoc or contractual basis, Hayden is available to cover chamber operator, inside attendant and hyperbaric / dive supervisor duties to cover times of staff shortage during annual leave, illness and unforeseen circumstances. A daily rate commensurate with location, i.e. international, national or regional, plus transport and accommodation if applicable, applies. Diving supervision also available for active diving operations.

Health and Safety Legislation and Practice

25 years of experience in diving in one form or another has lead to a broad and deep knowledge base of UK and international diving regulations. Coupled with this is a solid knowledge of UK regulations pertaining the administration of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in both a medically supervised environment and also that of a medically non-supervised environment common to complimentary therapists and type 3 therapy centres. A comprehensive advice service is available on a proven time and cost basis which includes a full bespoke write up detailing all the various legislation and regulations applicable to diving and hyperbaric therapy. In real time this information while publicly available can take months to collate and analyse. This service shortens service delivery time and provides a solid grounding and understanding of what due diligence is required and which regulations might apply to your specific operation. Health and safety practice provides an overview of the steps required to implement a comprehensive safety manual. A custom manual writing service is available on a day rate following an initial assessment and consultation.

Training and Training Materials

Custom or standardised training material is available on request. This includes subject matter on physics, physiology, health and safety, gas handling, chamber layout and design, compliance, insurance, international standards and verifying bodies, allied support equipment, electrical safety and hyperbaric medicine and the research pertinent to the medical benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) including indications and contra-indications. Please Note: This is not a medical service but rather an in depth sharing of scientific information and should not be construed as, or sought as, medical advice. The header disclaimer applies.

Start up and Commissioning

Most suppliers offer chambers for sale with a comprehensive certification pack on purchase. they usually include delivery, installation and initial commissioning of the chamber itself only. This covers things like calibration of gauges, compliance with various manufacturing standards, regulations and classifications but doesn’t necessarily include overall setup and commissioning to a client in a turn key type operation. In many cases from that point you’re on your own. It can be overwhelming. Consultation, documentation packs and final testing and commissioning of units is available on request. While it’s not a hand holding service, it can be beneficial to have someone accompany new operations in the first weeks of the operation. To create daily and weekly habits required to efficiently move forward. An accompanied start up phase can prove highly beneficial to get clients going in the right direction. Followed up with an annual review, this can prove a valuable third party objective overview of operations.

Technical Consultation

All chamber systems and allied equipment require daily, weekly and monthly maintenance and record keeping as part of a planned maintenance system (PMS). Key points of observation and dynamic technical assessments aren’t always easily identifiable to non-technical operatives and assistance is available in this regard. Timeously identifying which components and systems require regular maintenance and inspection, or specific intervention is essential and a planned maintenance and inspection system can be customised to suit the unit in the form of checklists and operating procedures. Minor repairs and third party testing and overview can be provided. Ordinarily Annual checks are undertaken by verifying bodies such as Bureau Veritas, Det Norske Veritas or the likes of Lloyds. The verifying body is usually chosen by your insurance company and assistance is also available to manage these occasions as they happen putting an additional set of eyes and ears in your corner. A day rate or half day rate is applicable depending on location and duration of works.

Client and Therapy Centre Literature

Most HBOT centres provide prospective clients with reading matter such as pamphlets, brochures and fact sheets to help them understand the process and it’s benefits. Much literature on various indications is available on request and is shared as scientific information only. This is not a medical or healthcare service but rather the sharing of and explanations to scientific information and literature. There is also much available covering subjects such as physics, physiology and technical aspects available for licenced publishing into your own printed material. Some of this is freely available to read on the website however copyright subsists and copyright licence must be agreed before reproducing any of this material in any form including but not limited to; digital storage and display, pamphlets, brochures, information packs, fact sheets, safety advisories and so on. In most cases costs are for licence to use the materials required and materials can be customised to a clients specification.

Outreach & Engagement

Hayden is available to deliver presentations, lectures and public engagement on the abovementioned rates. He is willing to engage on almost any platform from grass roots to Parliament. awareness is viewed as key to bringing hyperbaric oxygen therapy more into the mainstream.

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