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Diving Physics, The Training & Operations Manual, FIFO Services and … Pantomime?

So we’ve been a little quiet on the writing front lately owing to seasonal commitments in the community. Many who know us know that we have a solid track record of community involvement, especially around Christmas and the holidays when it’s pantomime time. This year is no different and the work involved can be significant. It promises to be a

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Depression, Anxiety, Suicide, Mental Health & The Effect of Oxygen

In the overview we cover the topic of depression, albeit from a different angle. The theory put forward in that paper is not too distant from today’s discussion on depression. Specifically depression and it’s associated conditions at altitude or places of lower pressure. In the article discussing altitude, as well the article discussing hypoxia, we discuss the effect hypoxia (low

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Altitude, The Hyperoxic Hypoxia Paradox, and The Common Sense Paradox

You may ask what altitude has to do with HBOT. The answer is simple enough, the same physics apply to altitude considerations as they do to increasing pressure considerations. Note: Hyper-baric is the increase of ambient pressure and hypo-baric is the opposite, the reduction of ambient pressure. The physics for altitude related physiological changes and processes is universally accepted. It

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