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COVID-19 – Safety & General Information Package for Oxygen Handlers

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures. I imagine over the coming weeks and month’s oxygen administration may well be handled by many who may never have done so before. This might well be in the home or elsewhere. There is much to consider when handling oxygen and it seems prudent to share what information I can. Unfortunately, we ourselves do

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Oxygen Tolerance – Myth Vs Fact – An Introduction To a Three Part Series

Medical professionals will notice I head this article “Oxygen Tolerance” as opposed to “Oxygen Toxicity” as it has more commonly been known. Most medical doctors consider excess oxygen toxic to humans. This is partly why administration of hyperbaric oxygenation is largely misunderstood and accordingly, avoided in mainstream medicine. Many doctors unfamiliar with HBOT will almost universally shake their heads and

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Fire Safety and Prohibited Items – A Necessary Discussion

Potentially not one of the most exciting topics for discussion is fire and fire safety. However it is a necessary one and is presented today for those considering hyperbaric oxygen therapy. It’s also not intended to appear as any form of fear mongering or dramatic over representation of risk. It is intended to inform. We include extracts from the overview

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