Fundraising and Donate

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The PayPal, GoFundMe and JustGiving links are now active and ready to recieve donations

Our revised goal of £50 000 is for the purchase of a small hyperbaric chamber capable of delivering at least a type 3 HBOT community service. We have one in mind and hope to make this purchase when the funds are available. This would also include the compressors, oxygen supply and ancillary equipment.

The maintenance of the website also comes at a cost, and in order to continue to develop this resource and maintain it as a free public information resource we need help to cover those bills.

The images below are of chambers I worked with recently and fairly accurately represent an example of what we are aiming for now. Either of these types of systems would get us going, enabling us to offer type 3 hyperbaric services. Perhaps even a smaller scale would be ok to start us off and is also pictured. The first prize is the 18 seater and the other has potential for 4 seats. They both probably come in at a bit more than the goal of £50k but used units are available.