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Preassure Swing Absorption (PSA) Units. Making Your Own Oxygen in a Time of Need and Dire Shortage.

Hello again everyone. Long time no chat. It certainly feels like the last year has been longer than it really has. At a time when I was preparing to wind down efforts for the campaign and move the project to the backburner, I see a need has arisen to publish the below from our equipment guide. It’s geared towards hyperbaric

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Pulmonary Gas Exchange / Gaseous Interchange

The lungs, as we know, are organs essentially not unlike large sacks filled with lots of smaller sacks. They facilitate the ingress of life giving oxygen to our biological systems. Each lobe of the lungs contains increasingly smaller chambers and pathways, the smallest being the alveoli. The lungs are central to the respiratory system and facilitate the exchange of outward

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COVID-19 – Safety & General Information Package for Oxygen Handlers

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures. I imagine over the coming weeks and month’s oxygen administration may well be handled by many who may never have done so before. This might well be in the home or elsewhere. There is much to consider when handling oxygen and it seems prudent to share what information I can. Unfortunately, we ourselves do

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