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As we begin offering new services , what was available for free to users across the globe now falls back into the realm of consultancy and professional services. We though it prudent to make this available to those who were grappling and struggling through the pandemic. Information and knowledge, especially that relating to respiration, oxygen and it’s use, and oxygen exchange is among some of the most valuable and we were pleased to have made it freely available for that time. Unfortunately though everyone needs to earn a living and the synopsis blurbs remain while the files are now available on request and commissioning of professional services. Please feel free to contact us for more information in this regard or visit the services page.

There are still well over 50 free articles on the blog which too took a lot of hard work to put together. these will remain free and for those who don’t wish read along on their own, the free material will always be available and added to periodically. It’s important to differentiate between public campaigning and operational material. The blog drives public awareness and will always be free. The operational material is such that it can be incorporated into operations manuals saving much time and cost.

Unfortunately mainstream medicine doesn’t always know what it’s all about. Hyperbaric medicine is still not routinely taught at undergrad level and is generally only available as a post grad module. Accordingly most doctors aren’t familiar with it. This is not to challenge though, but rather hopefully the documents, files and assistance e can offer can help raise awareness in both the medical fraternity and the general public.

We encourage readers to also actively seek out the references listed in some of the documents. There is a wealth of knowledge available in these. The list on the reference page is free to access and leads directly to source scientific literature in most cases.

Do come back regularly as files will be added to this resource centre as they are written and reviewed. We will also share those files we have permission to.

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Full documents represented by the excerpts below are available on request as commissionable services

Hyperbaric Oxygenation & Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy & Treatment An Overview by Hayden Dunstan

The Administration of Pure Oxygen or Enriched Breathing Gas Mixes At Higher Than Atmospheric Pressure
Introduction: I wanted to start this with a brief mention of oxygen levels during the Cretaceous period and their contribution to the size of dinosaurs. Having read some fairly recent commentary on further studies however, it seems the scientific world is in two minds about whether higher oxygen levels of roughly 30% during the Cretaceous period, (65 to 145 million years ago), and the much lower than previously thought levels of the end of the Permian period, which are now believed to have been as low as 10%, (250 million years ago) were indeed solely responsible for the size of dinosaurs. [18] University of Innsbruck 2013

Health and Safety Legislation and Practice

Health and safety in the workplace have long been of critical importance. Awareness of the risks which are present around us can be an elusive skill at times, and it is with this in mind we outline a health and safety overview here. Annexures to this document include: The Health and Safety at Work Regulations, The Noise at Work regulations, Compressed Air at Work Regulations, The Private and Voluntary Health Care act 2000

Health and Safety – Safe Gas Handling

The safe handling of gasses and more specifically the safe handling of oxygen and oxygen service is an important subject and hence the information in this section is a little more comprehensive than some others for a health and safety practice overview. Where external documentation can be consulted it is usually listed. Extra attention to specifics is presented here for oxygen service and safe gas handling owing to the added health and safety risks and hazards associated with the handling of oxygen specifically

International Standards and Their Respective Organisations

Established already is the long history of hyperbaric medicine. Often more commonly called diving medicine. It has its own post graduate medical speciality known as such. It is well established as having developed in the diving industry, nowadays with hyperbaric chambers being used increasingly for non-diving condition, namely Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or HBOT and still of course of course the original diving conditions it was indicated for.
Accordingly, over the years and decades, diving standards, terminology, and regulations have been applied to the use of barochambers, also and perhaps more commonly known as, hyperbaric or diving chambers. As barochambers (pressure chambers) become more and more useful in clinical and other commercial environments, it has become necessary for an increasing number of regulatory bodies


As with most things, some form of physics always applies. This is no different and even more so the case in hyperbaric applications. The physics involved are in fact diving physics which date back hundreds of years. The basis for the physiological processes discussed under physiology is a set of laws which relate to gasses and the behaviour of gasses under pressure. Being a diving tool essentially, now a medical tool as well, a hyperbaric chamber and its occupants and processes are subject to these laws of physics…

Chamber Layout and Design

The first hyperbaric chamber was created in 1662 by British Clergyman and physician Nathaniel Henshaw. Known for his work and belief in the medical benefit of “fresh Air”. His chamber or “Domiclium” as he called it, was driven by bellows. Modern day chambers are constructed from steel and driven by compressors. Usually air compressors provide the pressurised atmosphere inside the chamber.
Types of Chamber:
• Oxygen filled
• Air filled
• Monoplace
• Duoplace
• Multiplace
• BHA chamber categories….

Allied Support Equipment

In reality the chamber itself is the lesser of the total equipment used. Although it is the main focus and requires specialised skills to safely use, it is only one component in an integrated system that allows the hyperbaric complex to function smoothly. There is overlap between this section and other sections detailing various support and allied equipment. Operators and supervisors must have a working knowledge of the support equipment….

Electrical Safety

Part 1 – The Effects of Electricity on the Body – Background
Electricity flowing through the body has two primary effects. The disruption of bio-electrical activity and also the destruction of tissues. For shocks of more than one second duration the hazard is related to the current flow in the body. This can be calculated from Ohm’s law (equation 1). The disruption of physiological process can be calculated as follows

Contraindications and Side Effects

While maintaining the claim that HBOT is a non-invasive, do no harm therapy, there are a few contra indications as listed below. It would be foolish to pretend there are no absolute contra indications or side effects…

Pulmonary Gas Exchange – Gaseous Exchange

The lungs, as we know are organs essentially not unlike large sacks filled with lots of smaller sacks. Each lobe of the lungs contains increasingly smaller chambers and pathways, the smallest being the alveoli. The lungs are central to the respiratory system and facilitate the exchange of outwardly bound waste gas from the body and inward bound gasses such as oxygen. This is called gas exchange, or pulmonary gas exchange and is the fundamental mechanism of breathing…

Prohibited Items in the Chamber Cumbria Hyperbaric

Cumbria Hyperbaric in accordance with health and safety best practice and in the interests of fire
prevention, the following items are prohibited from the chamber…

HBOT Fact Sheets

This fact sheet provides a general introduction to the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) and is aimed at people who are interested in finding out more detail about this remarkable treatment. Considering how few people know about the benefits of HBOT (even among the medical community) this fact sheet should be of interest…

HBOT Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity – A Proposal by: Hayden Dunstan

To diabetics, the subject of obesity and insulin resistance is of great importance and relevance. The inability to lose weight despite substantive efforts to follow low carbohydrate diets, and fairly active lifestyles, comes as a great disappointment to many millions of diabetics. This becomes a further frustration when medical staff disbelieve these diabetic sufferers who appear to “absorb” weight from the atmosphere, perpetuating a failing metabolic cycle that just seems unbreakable….

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