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Fund Raising Re-Visited

I trust this finds everyone well, safe and healthy as we gingerly step into 2021. 2020 was certainly quite a year with so many people suffering crippling setbacks, business shutdowns, financial crises, not to mention the great numbers of people who fell ill and those who sadly passed. Communities certainly have dug deep to find some semblance of hope and

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Updates to downloadable content & the introduction of premium content

Its been a fair while since publishing anything new. Notwithstanding that I have been busy as ever on social media. Look for the hashtags #HBOTforCumbria , #HBOTforCovid , #HBOT for loads of information on the latest research and thinking. Lockdown hasn’t been an easy time for me or for Cumbria Hyperbaric. Fund raising and campaigning has been just impossible to

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The Who Behind The What -Website Information Update

It recently occured to me that at the end of the day, when all else is set aside, its me that is directly asking the you, the community, to get behind a fairly big project with fairly big financial requirements for fairly big results and benefit. Potentially one you’ve never heard of before. Accordingly, and while I was listening a

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