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Altitude, The Hyperoxic Hypoxia Paradox, and The Common Sense Paradox

You may ask what altitude has to do with HBOT. The answer is simple enough, the same physics apply to altitude considerations as they do to increasing pressure considerations. Note: Hyper-baric is the increase of ambient pressure and hypo-baric is the opposite, the reduction of ambient pressure. The physics for altitude related physiological changes and processes is universally accepted. It

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Benefits of HBOT for Sports Injury

By: Hayden Dunstan Covered in more detail in the paper entitled “Hyperbaric Oxygenation and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Treatment – An Overview”, available for download on the website, sports injury and its associated complications can be relieved greatly and recovery can be accelerated with the help of HBOT. Swelling: As described under the heading ‘Oxygen as an Anti-Inflammatory’ in the

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