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Updates to downloadable content & the introduction of premium content

Its been a fair while since publishing anything new. Notwithstanding that I have been busy as ever on social media. Look for the hashtags #HBOTforCumbria , #HBOTforCovid , #HBOT for loads of information on the latest research and thinking. Lockdown hasn’t been an easy time for me or for Cumbria Hyperbaric. Fund raising and campaigning has been just impossible to achieve and by the looks of it will remain so for some time to come. Some time ago I hinted at an ops manual for premium download as a fundraising idea, and we are a little closer to that goal now. Thumbs up for that one.

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The following blog is duplicated from the FILES AND RESOURCES – DOWNLOAD & PREMIUM CONTENT page with the added comments we need to find ways to raise funds that’s fair to us and to funders. Originally I intended getting out and delivering presentations to potential donors but this is unlikely for a while at least I would think. What I can do though is make available my working material which I have developed over the years, and which normally takes time and of course money to produce and refine.

The links for the once off subscription payment / donations are on the above page and can be found by clicking through. Much has been added to the already considerable amount of information with new modules not previously published. I have put what I think to be a fair price on the respective documents commensurate with their content. Consider that this is aimed at those who wish to incorporate it in their own operational literature , however the public are also encouraged to enjoy the material also if they so wish. As mentioned below thousands of downloads have already been recorded so I presume the material is of a satisfactory quality.

I do hope this finds you all well and safe in this trying time. As always I’m available to answer questions anytime. Regards. Hayden.

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The following files have been available for free download during the course of the Covid-19 pandemic with the intention of providing background information and spreading the word so to speak. Public awareness, while definitely on the increase, is still lacking to a large degree. Notwithstanding that the course of the pandemic has seen increasing support for the use of HBOT for treating Covid. The UHMS (Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society) as well as the EUBS (European Baromedical Society) are now in favour of compassionate use of HBOT for Covid-19 in the wake of several successful controlled trials returning 100% recovery rates.

HBOT is currently being deployed in the US, Russia, China, Japan and many more however not yet in the UK for some reason known only to the Minister of Health and the Prime Minister himself. The intention was also to help in what way we were able to by providing proprietary information for free when it was needed most. This information related to safety, hyperbaric oxygenation, physics, physiology, legislation, fire safety, gas handling, contra indications etc. We have enjoyed thousands of downloads from over 55 countries and many thousands more have visited the free blog regularly. It has been our pleasure to provide this considerable volume of information for free at a time of national and global need. We are eternally grateful for the support and positive attitude toward our work. With the pandemic now taking a more political route and not necessarily resembling the days of March when little was known about how to manage and treat the virus, and in light of the fact that we have yet to receive a single donation for the use of our material in units around the world, we find the need arises to make this content premium.

This is not done lightly or to rake in the cash over and over for the same thing. It is another potential route to raise the funds needed to pursue this community initiative. Think of it as a donation. On a consultancy basis this information would come at a much higher price. Years of research, study and work have gone into the material now listed as premium. The funds raised will all go into the pursuit of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Cumbria.

As a new entity that was just beginning to gain traction and momentum before lockdown, and subsequently unable to get out and fund raise actively, we have seen our efforts stall and little progress has been made to reach our goals for the community. Ventures such as this need investment. Unfortunately it seems that this is not forthcoming under the current model. People simply cannot afford to give what they currently have in the face of such uncertainty. Unfortunately though, needs must and the majority of the original material is now premium and available to subscribers for a payment / donation. The remaining documents which are not original work are still available at the bottom of the page for free.

There are still well over 50 free articles on the blog which too took a lot of hard work to put together. these will remain free and for those who don’t wish to download and donate, the free material will always be available and added to periodically. It’s important to differentiate between public campaigning and operational material. The blog drives public awareness and will always be free. The operational material is such that it can be incorporated into operations manuals saving much time and cost.

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Unfortunately mainstream medicine doesn’t always know what it’s all about. Hyperbaric medicine is still not routinely taught at undergrad level and is generally only available as a post grad module. Accordingly most doctors aren’t familiar with it. This is not to challenge though, but rather hopefully the documents and files on this page can help raise awareness in both the medical fraternity and the general public.

We encourage readers to also actively seek out the references listed in some of the documents. There is a wealth of knowledge available in these.

Do come back regularly as files will be added to this resource centre as they are written and reviewed. We will also share those files we have permission to. Currently in production is a comprehensive operations and training resource manual which will also be made available for public viewing once completed. The completed modules have been added to the premium content parts of this page. If there is sufficient demand the remaining modules will be added and include physiology, practical operations and so on.

The files here are intended for use in our operation or for informational purposes only. No responsibility is assumed for the consequences of application of said documents in another active operation not under our supervision. Proper and appropriate training and site specific hazard identification and risk analysis (HIRA) is still required to manage and run a hyperbaric unit and chamber and these are not DIY documents. (This is a service we are also able to offer on request). Use them at your own express risk. The download and employment of any of the information contained herein is entirely voluntary and is deemed an express assumption of risk and liability and Cumbria Hyperbaric, its staff, associates and assigns accept no liability for any consequences whatsoever. Copyright subsists.

All payments are once off payments commensurate with the content of the document. Please check the sale before finalising and contact us before purchasing if this is not the case. Sales cannot be reversed.

Stay well and stay kind – Hayden.

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© Hayden Dunstan


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