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The Who Behind The What -Website Information Update

Me in Durban Early In 2009

It recently occured to me that at the end of the day, when all else is set aside, its me that is directly asking the you, the community, to get behind a fairly big project with fairly big financial requirements for fairly big results and benefit. Potentially one you’ve never heard of before.

Accordingly, and while I was listening a favourite radio broadcast of mine, in the words of The Who… “Who are you?” Or more accurately, Who am I?

My name is Hayden, hello there. I am the driving influence behind the proposed hyperbaric project known as Cumbria Hyperbaric. I am a diver, a dive supervisor, a chef and even a musician and I’ve been involved in voluntary community work in Cumbria for over 10 years now along with my family.

Hayden Dunstan – Founder & Technical Director Cumbria Hyperbaric

We hail from sunny Durban, South Africa and have lived near Wigton since 2009 when we relocated. I have since acquired citizenship and have made Cumbria my home. I do much of the writing and the family do much of the proofing for the material available on the site.

I notice also that people are using this information I write and post from around the world. With downloads and such now being common. That pleases me. It seems a waste to hold onto information that may be of use to someone. Its free, please do use it and share it. But remember I/we assume no responsibility for how information is used and applied. Due diligence is advised, this is not a DIY type of thing. But it is there, and it’s free to use in your own books manuals and so on. Copyright does subsist though and copying & republishing under a different name is simply not cool. Author credit is mandatory if you do want to use a document. Sharing is encouraged and using it as guidance to write your own material is perfectly ok. Consider leaving a small donation when downloading or making use of the material. Every little counts as Tesco say.

With this all in mind, I realised that I really can’t expect people to donate much without putting a face on it. Accordingly the website has been significantly updated with the addition of information detailing who I am, where I come from, what I know, what my qualifications are and what I can do. I also believe I am upfront about what I want from all this. As a diabetic myself, I sincerely believe a chamber in Cumbria will not only help me, but others as well not limited to diabetes but ther conditions also. but yes I do also want a chamber for my own health benefits. No diabetic wants to go blind or suffer an amputation. It also allows me to continue to use the information I have learned over 25 years since I won’t medically be fit to dive forever. It would be a waste to just retire and go sit in the pub.

I really don’t like making a spectacle of myself, but I imagine it’s necessary if I am asking people to donate money.

Information has been added to the about us page as well as the project timeline page along with some additional pictures to the gallery page. This details my history as a diver and relevant training and education.

I also hope to release a video series once pantomime season closes, detailing my vision for Cumbria Hyperbaric and our plans for the future as well as what all this HBOT is about and how it works. I also hope to engage in presentations in the new year to potential funders.

Until then, please browse the additional information and do drop me a line if you want to know more, or if you want to know more about hyperbaric oxygen therapy. I’ll do my best to reply as quickly as possible.

Until then, keep well 😀



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