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What Next? – The End Of the Beginning and upcoming Changes – Subject Matter Specialist service and Consulting.

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Regular followers of the effort will know by now that fund raising has ended on all platforms. There just doesn’t seem to be the public appetite for a community based hyperbaric therapy facility that provides free or as close to free as possible HBOT. To be completely honest I am well surprised. I really was expecting a different outcome. Notwithstanding that, it is time to recognise that the idea in it’s original form may not be something people want to get behind. Accordingly fund raising has stopped and I am considering other pathways to follow including, but not limited to funding it ourselves, recruiting investors both private and corporate, and other methods of acquiring a chamber facility.

In the meantime however, I must return to work. It was a worthy cause to follow but I need to now consider my own future in this industry so with almost immediate effect I am shelving the project in its current model until a future time when it may become a possibility once again. The website will remain online as an information resource for those seeking to learn about hyperbaric oxygen therapy and its origins and technology. I encourage anyone reading this to learn, perpetually, and share what you learn here with as many people as you can. Especially those that you think might benefit the most. The more people that become aware of the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy the greater chance it will become more mainstream.

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There is precious little accurate information online and I remain passionate about public education in this regard as well as reaching out to medical professionals who both have an interest, as well as those opposed to the modality. Information is key and I’m yet to meet a doctor who refuses to change their mind when confronted with the evidence or “The Science” as the term has become so popular. We, they, etc can only “follow the science”, if we are prepared to actually read it and find it with ease. Hence the website will remain on WordPress in a free hosting format. I too remain available to engage on any platform, at any level, from one to one chats, all the way to parliament on the subject.

Since the website will loose it premium features at the end of June 2021, I must remove all premium content from the site. The pay walls don’t work anyway and never have. Thousands of downloads from almost 60 countries have gone unpaid for and this material represents years of my personal work and research. Its the bread and butter of what I do. I can’t do it for free. Accordingly, the short blurb for each of the main modules will remain and folks can get in touch directly if they wish to view any particular module or the whole lot at once. The source files will be removed however and following the subscribe button will not re-direct to a file for download.

Remember though that copyright subsists in all my material and they may not be copied, distributed, reproduced in part or full, or stored in hard copy form or digital form without prior permission. Naturally if I email you a copy of something this constitutes permission to have it on your PC. What I’m getting at is that companies and individuals seeking to use this material in their own manuals and such will need to negotiate a copyright licence and agreement with me, under the banner of “Seabourne Diving and Hyperbaric – Inc. Cumbria Hyperbaric”, on a non-exclusive basis to copy the work into their own publications.

Seabourne Diving and Hyperbaric Inc. Cumbria Hyperbaric.

So, those wishing to engage my services as a subject matter specialist or advisor may get in touch through the site, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Or visit the new page detailing services now on offer. Licences are reasonably priced and if I see merit in it, free to those who can further their own charitable cause. God knows it’s hard enough for HBOT providers to stay afloat. If I can help, I’m happy to. Rates for advice and proven time cost are industry realistic.

I look forward to hearing from at least some over the coming months and years.

As individuals, seeking to understand HBOT, I am available to answer your questions at no charge as I always have been. I will continue to engage on the various online platform I have become part of. The articles on the blog will remain with free access to read from the site. The idea was always to spread the word, and that will continue along with my campaigning and lobbying of Government and the NHS to better recognise HBOT in the mainstream.

In the meantime, while I metaphorically return to the water, stay well, stay safe, and be kind.


© Hayden Dunstan

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