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Necrotising Soft Tissue Infection – NSTI

Following a request for some information on ‘Necrotising Soft Tissue Infections’ (NSTI’s), or more commonly referred to as flesh eating bacterial infection, we scoured our own articles first, which highlighted that we don’t have a specific dedicated article to this subject. We also chose the lead image as a rather benign image of Staphylococcus Aureus, one of a few bacteria

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Type 2 Diabetes, What It Costs The NHS and How HBOT Can Help – Drawing a Line Under Diabetes.

Although we have been a little quiet lately as we get more involved in seasonal preparations in the community, we are still keeping an ear to the ground for articles of interest. One such article from the Daily Mail came across our desktops this morning which is of great interest and also a source of great frustration to us. It

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Hypoxia Inducible Factor 1 & Wound healing in Diabetics

It seems and age since we shared anything not related to the unfortunate Charity Commission news and the seemingly odd choice of the health authorities to ignore outright the scientific community. As they say though, onward and upward. Accordingly, albeit a short snippet, today’s discussion revisits wound healing briefly, with further support from the aforementioned science fraternity in the form

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