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Anti Ageing & HBOT

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I guess this counts as one of the few vanity treatments which extend a little beyond the core therapeutic treatments we promote. Or does it? Many of the core therapies we support the use of HBOT for, include neurodegenerative conditions such as dementia, recovery form injury, improvement in cognitive function, improvement of memory and so on, are all components of the ageing brain and body. As explained in previous posts, the brain benefits hugely from increased oxygenation as it supports natural metabolic pathways and intra-cellular function. It’s about more than just restoring oxygenation to hypoxic tissues. In fact, the brain uses a massive 20% of the body’s oxygen. Considering it only weighs about 1,5 kg, that’s proportionately higher than any other system. So, while anti-ageing may be vanity based in some regards, such as improving skin elasticity and muscle tone, (although mobility may improve with improvement in muscle tone), it is also therapeutic in those individuals whose lives are impacted by the ageing body and brain. We advocate the use of HBOT for such well-being treatments not necessarily targeting any specific single condition, but aimed at general health improvement.

Previous articles, including HBOT Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity – A Proposal by: Hayden Dunstan  which is available to download on the link, have been favorably reviewed by medical professionals including professors of hyperbaric medicine, diving doctors and specialists in hyperbaric research and medicine. Remembering that diving medicine is hyperbaric medicine.

This is not intended to ‘toot the horn’ so to speak. It is included to illustrate that following this, we became aware of the work of one Prof. Shai Efrati of the Shamir Medical Centre and Sagol Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Research in Tel Aviv Israel. He is a globally acclaimed researcher we cite frequently in his research on emerging indications and his tireless work to forge new forward pathways for hyperbaric medicine. He is the director of the Sackler School of Medicine and manager of the hyperbaric unit at Sagol which treats over 200 patients a day. You can read more about the center and Dr Shai here:

Prof Shai at TEDx on Reverse Ageing

There are links to the YouTube Channel on their page, however for videos in English, an engine search may be necessary. It really is worth the time.

Some of what Dr Shai does at the Sagol Centre revolves around anti-ageing. (He also does research into erectile dysfunction, fibromyalgia and such, but those are discussions for a different day).

As he puts it, “HBOT will not extend your life but it will improve the quality of the life you have”.
He goes on to describe how HBOT can slow the ageing process, subverting pre-programmed cell apoptosis and breakdown triggers. Apoptosis is defined as: ” The death of cells which occurs as a normal and controlled part of an organism’s growth or development.”

Applied to general well-being treatments HBOT allows normal repair and rebuilding and rejuvenation to be exponentially improved. After all, we’re talking about intra cellular dysfunction brought about by advancing age and a therapy that improves intra cellular function. Especially in the brain, but also in skin tone and skeletal systems as well as muscular systems, circulation, eye sight, sexual function and so on.

Dr Scott Sherr of the San Francisco Bay area also specialises in anti-ageing and is also well worth looking up and watching some of his videos.

The embedded video is a long one but a fascinating and convincing lecture. Incidentally, Dr Sherr covers many points made in our previous articles not necessarily related to ageing.

As a technician, I don’t always explain things as well as medical professionals. So don’t take my word for it. Look these people up, watch the videos and read the papers, and take their word for it.

Something none of us can avoid. As they say, death and taxes. But our journey to the natural conclusion of life needn’t be a journey of hardship in physiological terms. HBOT can lighten the load of ageing and improve quality of life for many in their advancing years.

© Hayden Dunstan

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