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Spreading The Word of Others

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What began as a few lines in a Facebook post to introduce a paper recently published in the US became a little long winded, so is better shared as a “snippet article”.

On occasion we take a break from writing and do some reading of what others have written. When we write, we do try to write for the patient and not so much for the scientists. Our target audience is the lay person looking to discover hyperbaric oxygen therapy and its benefits. We endeavour to provide resources that achieve this end whilst keeping it straight forward in simple language. Too much jargon and involved science can be off putting to some.

Notwithstanding that, it does become necessary to include the science when proof is called for. Instead of our own original work today, we share a paper authored by the University of South Florida’s Dominic D’Agostino. His paper entitled “Hyperbaric Environment: Oxygen and Cellular Damage versus Protection Introduction and History of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy” covers many of the topics, mechanisms and science of our own previous articles and discussions, to a somewhat more detailed extent though. A great read for the medical professionals and scientists, but also for patients with an interest in the science. After all we do hope to have local Cumbrian medical professionals “on-board” so to speak as we move forward with our plans, and papers such as this will go a long way to highlighting the benefits of HBOT for the wider community.

It is also rewarding to see striking similarities in our own work and that of international leaders in the field such as Associate Professor D’Agostino. Well written and well referenced, it’s a highly recommend read.

A link to this paper will also be added to the Links & References page for ease of access where PDF copies can be downloaded from the original source. Click the image to the paper.

Hayden Dunstan

Hyperbaric Environment: Oxygen and Cellular Damage versus Protection Introduction and History of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

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