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Impact of Oxygen Availability on Body Weight Management

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It has long been known that oxygen acts as a powerful anti inflammatory. This is one of the mechanisms thought to be responsible for perpetual obesity and oxygen availability can regulate body energy use and inflammation in adipose tissue. . 
The conclusion below refers to hyperoxia which is the goal of HBOT. To hyper oxygenate tissues relieving hypoxic states which, in this case, contribute to inflammatory conditions. This in keeping with the Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes hypothesis published on the website. #HBOT for #Obesity and weight management

“A comprehensive review of the scientific literature shows that
oxygen availability may play an important role in the regulation
of body weight and energy homeostasis. In this sense, both increase and decrease respiratory oxygen concentration could be applied as a therapeutic approach for the management of obesity and associated comorbidities. In one hand, hypoxia has been shown to reduce appetite and adipose tissue mass at certain circumstances. On the other hand, hyperoxia could ameliorate the hypoxia state within obese adipose tissue and reduce local inflammation.”


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