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Stem Cell Mobilisation and HBOT: Case Study

One highly controversial area of scientific research is that of the research into stem cell synthesis or stem cell harvesting. It has long been a contentious issue with a host of moral objections. stem cells are crucial to healing though and many serious conditions can and do benefit from stem cell therapy. Specifically where nerve damage is involved. When cells

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Boosts Brain Repair

Much of what we promote when it comes to hyperbaric oxygen therapy relates to some form of improvement in brain function. Whether this improvement is following traumatic injury, birth injury, degeneration or other neurological deficit, HBOT can significantly improve the response of ischemic brain tissue and cells. Not all brain injury results in the immediate death of neuronal cells. In

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Life Without Blood

In 1959 a study was published in the Journal of cardiovascular surgery by a researcher and surgeon Dr Ite Borema. The brief synopsis to this is that in an experiment, researchers replaced the blood in pigs with ringers lactate solution and plasma, thus removing almost all the haemoglobin. Certainly they removed enough to the point where haemoglobin concentration was well

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