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sale of surplus dive gear

Diving equipment as follows and as pictured:

6 Regulators rigs:

  1. Oceanic DV, Apeks Octo, Oceanic first stage 4000psi.
  2. Spiro first stage 3400psi, US Divers Octo, Spiro DV,
  3. Oceanic octo, US Divers DV, US Divers first stage 3000psi
  4. Mares first stage, octo and DV 232 bar,
  5. Cressi first 232 bar, Cressi DV.

All come with dry suit hoses and power inflators. The ones without Octo’s were paired with the AP valves BC’s below which have an integrated octo in the BC design.

6 BCD’s:

  1. Hydro Optic Large. – Nice comfortable BC
  2. Scuba Pro Medium steel cam clamp
  3. AP valves Buddy Large – integrated octo,
  4. AP Valves Small – integrated Octo.
  5. AP Valves Large – Integrated Octo.
  6. Scuba Pro, Pro Tek Tech Wing. Included stainless steel backplate and stainless-steel tank bands for 15 litre cylinders including bolts.

Spare Hoses:

  1. 3 spare LP whips
  2. 2 Spare HP whips

Box of fins and masks:

  1. 4 pairs fins as pictured
  2. 6 Masks including Cressi Full Face Mask

Various mixed bits on table as shown. Torches do not work but might be repairable. Includes cam clamps, tools, blue dry box with save a dive or rings, snorkels, boot, hoses, silicone mouthpiece, couple of octo regs for BC for spares though, slate, rope, depth gauge and manifold tanks (fits 10lt cylinders).  etc. see the picture.


2 x 10 lt steel faber. They have certificates from Capernwray which are for the most recent hydro done around 2 and half years ago. They are not due another hydro until the 5-year period but will require a visual at their next fill as you can see from the stickers. For this reason, they are in test as far as hydro goes. Its unlikely a visual will return a condemned cylinder.

I do have a price breakdown but would rather sell as a lot if possible. My idea was to start a small lakes operation which never materialised. The gear could be a starting point for a small business to get off the ground. Its not brand new but it all works and I’ve maintained it well. Due diligence though is up to the buyer and a service is always a good thing. The price breakdown gives me a total of £1565 which is a bit less than I paid for it all over a bit of time. I will consider reasonable offers on or around £1500. I’m only selling to fund career restart training following a tough covid crunch. Thanks for looking.

I am also selling other diving gear including 2 15 litres cylinders and 2 12lt cylinders also in date and all O2 clean and O2 service, please see my other listings.

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