Fundraising Sale of SCUBA Gear Job Lot

Scuba Job Lot

Selling some scuba stuff off to raise funds for Cumbria Hyperbaric

Preferably all to go together.

UK Sale

There are loads of smalls not listed but the key items are listed here. Funds are being directed toward the benefit and initial setup costs of Cumbria Hyperbaric. Website link at the bottom.


All in date and good condition with certificates with a few years to go.

2 x 15 lt 220 bar

2 x 12,2 lt 220 bar

2 x 10 lt 220 bar


Functional, all working a couple a little old but work fine.

1 Scubapro Large

1 Scubapro large tech harness with back wing and backplate with twin 15 tank bands

3 AP Valves BC. 2 Large and 1 small

1 Additional BC brand unknown


6 Various regulators set up for scuba with SPG’s, Dry suit hoses, inflator hoses, first and second stages as well as spare second stages. A few need new HP hoses which I have 4 new ones of as well.

They all work but good practice to service them.

Makes include, US Divers, Sherwood, Scubapro etc.


At least 6 weight belts with stainless steel buckles plus other various belts and harness type weights along with approximately 60kg of lead made up of 1kg, 2kg, 3kg and muffin 1kg weights. Including 2 5kg pocket bricks and a belt with shot filled pouches.

This includes a couple of sporty style pocket belts with pouches for small 1kg muffin weights.

Wet suits

Various wet suits.

There are probably 3 or 4 useable suits raging from 3mm to 5mm short and long. Verify on viewing what’s of use and what’s not.

Dry Suits

4 dry suits in reasonably good condition from XXXl to Large and medium.

The XXXL need a neck seal and probably writs soon. Trilam and crush cell neoprene included.

Masks, snorkels, smalls.

At least 10 half masks, 1 full face mask, a pile of snorkels and various smalls including o rings, catches and straps, buckles etc.


At least 10 sets of various open heal fins with boots about 5 pairs or so. Final number on viewing.

Ranging form medium to large sixes. All still good. Some better than others but nothing beyond use.

Makes include US divers and Scubapro and some unknown.

This all comes with a variety of smalls and hoody’s and such like. Viewing is the best way to take a proper inventory but the above are the key items.

Cumbria North West United Kingdom. Cannot ship internationally. Collection on viewing preferred but will deliver UK wide for a fee after receiving cleared payment for goods and shipping.

£3000.00 ONO.

Inbox for more information or visit and message us from the contact page.

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